The stuff I wish I’d known and for some strange reason the stuff people don’t talk about.

Cycling Shorts

Padded cycling shorts are a must. There is no such thing as the perfect shorts you have to find what works for you, too much padding or not enough can both be problematic. I use shorts with gel padding. No knickers, thongs, jocks under you cycling shorts, don’t be crazy last thing you need is chaffing!

Bike Fit

Swerve Bike FittingI have always been sceptical of bike fits, as I had a bad one years ago, BUT with the right bloke, what a difference this made to my riding.
I spent 90 minutes with Oli Beckingsale, an x-professional who knows what he is talking about. Oli started with me, my flexibility and health then onto me on the bike. It is the combination that matters with me being the priority, it was the best £80 I have ever spent on my bike. Oli also left me with pictures and a document that I can use if I get a new bike. If you’re in the South West you’ll find Oli at BW Cycling, Bristol or twitter @olibeckingsale

Butt Blisters

Avoid the blisters, apply pre & post cycling endeavors. Refer to Bum Cream for further information.
Swerve Tube

Girls – Support Needed

A firm sports bra is essential. You want them to stay where Mother Nature intended.

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The Perfect Bike

Take your time in selecting a bike, try before you buy, most shops will allow you to demo a bike. For a new cyclist, size & price are important. The question of bike weight generally comes up in the selection process my thoughts are if it’s two kilo’s lighter & costs a £1,000 more maybe you should just lose two kilos in body weight.

Oil that chain!

Get a good oil to drip on the chain, if the chain cakes up with mud use a baby wipe or soft brush then apply oil. Remember not to over oil, you only need a small amount.


Make sure you are comfortable with road cycling before you venture to cleats and practice in local safe environments before venturing out. Admittedly I have domino a few other cyclists, not a popular move!

Brake Pads

I trashed my back wheel by not changing these soon enough, an expensive mistake. Just remember most brake pads can be changed without changing brake pad unit & cost ~£5 a set.

Cycling Clubs

This is a great way to learn cycling etiquette and make new friends, I did, I love VC Walcot, Bath!

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Cycling Training

I’d recommend some basic training for both adults and children. These guys provide FREE training in Bath

Avoid leg cramping

Add sports drink vitamin supplements (magnesium & electrolytes) to your water bottles. I carry two bottles one with water and the other has a supplement